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Puffin is Talking


With over 20 different pastel shades, 21 metallic and 9 heart, the Puffin balloon not only has choice but is considered one of the best quality balloons.


All our balloons are 100% biodegradable, made from a premium quality natural latex.


The Puffin balloon is up to 25% thicker latex than other leading brands and has excellent helium retention, up to 70% longer floatation time.


With a dense colour pigmentation and a high pearl content, there is no loss of colour effect when inflated.


Puffin balloons have a sturdy shape and long necks, ideal for balloon decorations.


As we have our own in-house printing service we have developed the screen printing to a fine art, producing artwork with minimum movement, complex designs and colour combinations.


For a guide to the way our balloon printing service works, click here.


Biodegradability & the Environment


Our balloons are made from 100% natural latex and are fully biodegradable. Stress caused by inflation starts this decomposition cycle. Exposure to sunlight accelerates the process, whilst oxygen and the ozone continue the molecular attack even in the dark. Deterioration is clearly evident within a few hours, the balloons begin to oxidize or ‘frost’, before breaking down into small pieces.  Research has shown that under the same conditions, latex decomposes as quickly as an oak leaf.


During a balloon release, the majority of balloons will rise to approximately 5 miles, where they begin to oxidize, freeze and shatter into spaghetti-like pieces.


Latex balloons are produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It’s collected without harming the tree by using an environmentally safe, age-old process similar to that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for making syrup.


Due to rubber’s versatility and high demand, these tropical rainforest trees are very valuable and highly coveted. Equally important, these precious trees play a key role in the earth’s fragile ecological balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps prevent global warming. As a result, the world’s rubber trees are well protected natural resources.


Balloons should be released as individuals, hand tied and should never be released in to the atmosphere with anything more than a race label (which are also biodegradable). Helium valves, strings, discs, seals, ribbon and clips are not biodegradable and will harm the environment.


Foil balloons and latex balloons containing a metallic pearlised pigment should not be released.


Balloon Marketing


Printed balloons are a great way to raise your company profile, market a specific product or event or simply just to send a message!


We at Talking Balloons have printed logos, messages and designs for a wide variety of companies and events, from M&S and Tesco, to Race for Life and the Olympics.


Printed balloons raise brand awareness by standing out and grabbing attention!


Wedding Balloons


Take a look at our video below and see how Talking Balloons can be part of your special day


Please note the prices on the below video are based on collection of the wedding packs from Talking Balloons. Delivery charges are displayed within the price when purchasing a wedding pack from the website.